Teacher information


Director | Principal Teacher

Education background

  • Certificate in Language Teaching
  • Master of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Majoring in TCSOL, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Chinese Language and Literature

Teaching experience

Before establishing MoTai Mandarin, Isabella taught Mandarin to all student levels, from children (and other ages at the Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association Chinese School), to secondary school students (in Bangkok, Thailand); to university students studying in China, and has tutored staff from SamSung to help them improve their Chinese. She has also worked as a tutor for the HSK Exam (Chinese Proficiency Test).

Isabella taught Mandarin Chinese to foreign students at several top Chinese universities: Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, and Xi'an International Studies University; and was responsible for teaching Chinese to groups of exchange students from the American Education Council and German Government.

Isabella's students are now across various industries in Australia, from Healthcare, Financial Services, Real Estate, Media Arts, Fashion, IT to Entertainment who are the executives and employees of some of the large corporate and global companies. Isabella delivers well-structured Mandarin course as well as creating teaching plan for customised course for general, business or cultural awareness purpose.