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Important Information

MoTai Mandarin will accept certified copies. MoTai Mandarin also accept copies which are not ‘certified copies’ of documents, however the translation will be marked “Original not sighted’ meaning that MoTai Mandarin have sighted a copy of, but not the original document.
Express Service is available for documents received by MoTai Mandarin before 4pm Monday to Friday. Documents lodged outside these hours will be available on the second business day from date of submission. Please note, Express Service is dependent on the volume and the complexity of translation work requested.
Stated turnaround time does not include postage delivery time.
Customers are required to pay a security deposit equivalent to the estimated fee for the translation, at the time of making the booking. This security deposit will be applied to the actual fee for the translation service. MoTai Mandarin strive to advising the customer of any additional amount payable prior to releasing the translation.
Cancellation fees apply to all services dependent upon the notice given by the customer:
• For express translation, no refund is given
• For standard translation, the following cancellation fees will apply and will be retained from the security deposit: within the first 24 hours, no cancellation fee; after 1 business day, 50% of the deposit fee; after 2 business days, 100% of the deposit fee
Corrections for errors and omissions relating to the translation will be made free of charge within one month of collection or delivery.